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Jan 21, 2021

LCM Bigip 4200 LTMs

I have to LCM 4200 LTMs deployed in my company. We are planning to replace them with newer 4000 models. my question is regarding config upload. Is it possible to upload the ucs file of 4200 to 4000 appliances? Would it work? What is best way to migrate the config (VSs, pools. policies etc) from one model to another HW model.



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  • Hi,


    Yes that is possible. (You could follow this article )

    You could also install the same software version on all 4.

    Create a cluster of 4 BIG-IP's (this is possible with different hardware, provisioning must be the same).

    If the new members are functioning as expected, remove the two old BIG-IP's from the cluster.





  • Thanks for your guidance. I found this solution article & we are running on version but our version is not listed under applies to section. Do you think it would work?

    K15496: Migrate a device group member to a new BIG-IP hardware platform