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Jun 19, 2012

Link Load balancing across 6 x ISP links




here's the scenario:


1. Cloud provider is offering web/data services via hosting


2. They have their own BGP AS number and public IP addresses to manage


3. They are peered to 3 different ISPs, each has its own redundancy that makes it 6 links



However, when using multihoming on BGP, you cannot achieve load balancing of links on this.



Can F5- Link controller do the following:



1. Load balanced 6 links


2. Can F5 participate in the BGP peering?


3. Will F5 connect directly to the ISP links or after the provider's peering router?


4. What could be proposed setup to achieve such?



Any info is appreciated. thanks!








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  • Hi Dyobbs,


    Here is the answer to your queries....



    1. Yes F5 can do the load balancing across 6 links.


    2. No F5 can not participate in BGP peering you have to terminate the connection on your router.


    3. F5 will connect after the ISP peering Router and you have to make sure that each provider has its separate Router.


    4. Terminate all the connections on ISP routers on your end after the router place F5-LC which is going to do the Link load balancing and after LC place your Firewall or UTM and this guy finally connects to your core switch.