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Jul 24, 2017

Linux CLI VPN Client - "Server certificate verification failed."

Hi all,

We've recently gone live with our VPN (on v13 HF2) and some of our users have reported their having issues accessing the VPN from their Linux command line. On RHEL/Fedora, the VPN connection doesn't work. On Ubuntu, I can see the errors in the logs but it lets me through anyhow.

After installing the package, they run the command to connect to the VPN:

f5fpc -s -t

When querying how the connection went, I can see:


f5fpc -i
Connection Status: logon failed
Server certificate verification failed.


The certificate we're using is a properly signed QuoVadis cert.

The ~/.F5Networks/standalone.log shows:


2017-07-24,14:39:27:019, 2839,2849,standalone, 0, /LinuxEventHandler.cpp, 924, , LinuxEventHandler::loadCAStore()- Using default Trusted cert store at=/etc/ssl/certs, for CA cert validation
2017-07-24,14:39:27:019, 2839,2849,standalone, 2, /LinuxEventHandler.cpp, 1052, LinuxEventHandler::verify_context_chain(), Server Cert chain is empty
2017-07-24,14:39:27:021, 2839,2849,standalone, 0, /LinuxEventHandler.cpp, 1063, , LinuxEventHandler::verify_context_chain() - X509_verify_cert(): verification error=2, string=unable to get issuer certificate
2017-07-24,14:39:27:021, 2839,2849,standalone, 48, /LinuxEventHandler.cpp, 68, CLinuxEventHandler::HandleEvent(), exit with, 0
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 2, /USSLChannel.cpp, 312, USSLChannel::Write, SSL_write failed (result: -1, error: SSL_ERROR_SSL)
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 1, /UHTTP.cpp, 38, UHTTP::makeRequest(), EXCEPTION - send request error
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 1, /UHTTP.cpp, 115, , EXCEPTION caught: UHTTP::makeRequest() - EXCEPTION
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 48, /UFirepass.cpp, 679, UFirepass::doGetRequestWithoutRedirect, server returned HTTP code, return code, 0, -1
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 1, /UFirepass.cpp, 688, UFirepass::doGetRequestWithoutRedirect, (0x27) EXCEPTION - Channel error, 39
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 48, /UChannelChain.cpp, 34, UChannelChain::~UChannelChain(), destroying channel 2. Stats (0) - Recv=3283 Send=524
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 48, /UChannelChain.cpp, 34, UChannelChain::~UChannelChain(), destroying channel 1. Stats (0) - Recv=3283 Send=524
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 1, /UFirepass.cpp, 782, , EXCEPTION caught: UFirepass::getFirepassToken - EXCEPTION
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 1, /UFirepass.cpp, 911, UFirepass::DoPrelogon, Failed to obtain logon token: prelogon is not enabled or Firepass server has version below 5.5
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 48, /UChannelChain.cpp, 55, UChannelChain::BuildChannels(), enter, 0x7: U_ENABLE_SOCKET_CHANNEL U_ENABLE_SSL_CHANNEL U_ENABLE_PROXY_CHANNEL
2017-07-24,14:39:27:022, 2839,2849,standalone, 48,,,, USSLChannel::USSLChannel:RAND_status(1)


I've tried uploading the root/intermediate certificates to /etc/ssl/certs but still not luck.

The workaround is to use the ignore certificate switch (-x) but I don't really want to do this.

f5fpc -s -t -x

Any ideas??

Thanks, Nick

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  • Reply from F5:


    “In reviewing your description, it appears you are encountering a known issue.: ID559138 Linux CLI (Ubuntu 14.04) - Server certificate check - doesn't work”


    I've asked for clarification if this bug/known issue (officially) effects other Linux distros (I'm not using Ubuntu 14.04 and have been able to replicate it across other versions)


  • More general Bug ID: “* ID382396 [Linux CLI] Certificate verification doesn't work for some Linux distributions “


    Issue is being escalated.


  • do you typed "./f5fpc --start -x --host https://[domain address]"?


    -x is no check