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Jan 26, 2024

log rate exceeded error

Hi, I seeing below error logs in my f5.  Can anyone give insight and a solution for this?    Jan 26 11:04:59  err tmm[22066]: 01220001:3: Per-invocation log rate exceeded; throttling. Jan 26 11:...
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    Jan 26, 2024


    The "Per-invocation log rate exceeded; throttling" message 'indicates that more than five log messages with the same message ID were logged within a one-second interval' - (Error Message: Per-invocation log rate exceeded (

    Theer are two distinct message IDs based on the above output you provided which are being throttled:

    • 01220001
    • 01260009

    If you lookup both of these message IDs on the following F5 Log Messages Reference link, you will see that they are related to an iRule TCL error (01220001) and a connection error (01260009)

    To retrieve more information about the specific iRule TCL error and connection error your BIG-IP is showing, search the LTM logs with the following commands:

    run util bash

    zegrep "01220001" /var/log/ltm*

    zegrep "01260009" /var/log/ltm*