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Nov 05, 2018

Managing DataGroups from BIG-IQ

A customer today asked me about managing DataGroups from within BIG-IQ as they want to start using it for all configuration work. However they were unable to find where DataGroups could be managed from within BIG-IQ. I've also had a look and haven't been able to find anything relating to this on the GUI or by searching for documentation.


Any clues gratefully received.


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  • I've just found out that Data-Groups are currently not supported on Big-IQ at the moment.


    Customer is disappointed.


    I am surprised it isn't supported as so many customers I work at use DataGroups


  • Is this still the case?

    F5: is there a feature request and how do we make sure this is being heard by development.

  • I agree with you. Being able to upload a new list of blocked ip addresses to all F5 devices from the Big-IQ seems like a major thing and a feature that F5 needs to implement.

  • I have a workaround for BIG-IQ or using Ansible. You can check it:



  • Same question here. We are looking for an option/solution to provided dedicated access to DataGroups via RBAC, but for this we need to have this kind of object available within BIG-IQ!!!

    Are there any information available, if such an update will be available in any of the upcoming software versions?

    Thank you!

    Regards Stefan 🙂