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Jul 01, 2015

Maxed out CPU utilization - cbrd process

As I wait for a response from F5 support, thought I'd ask the question here. We just noticed that our BIG-IP (VE) is running at max cpu with the

process taking up 160% of the cpu (
takes up almost all the rest. And the total being 200% due to the 2 cores, from what I gather).

I know the

process is a core process, and according to SOL8035 it's for XML content based routing. However, we don't have anything set up to use XML content based routing so I'm not sure why the process would be using so much CPU.

So my question is two fold:

  1. Is it safe to restart the
    process on a production box (i.e. Will it cause any negative impact on existing connections) if we're not using xml content based routing?
  2. Has anyone seen something like this before, or know why it might be happening (or how to troubleshoot why it's happening)?

Thanks! -Michael

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