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Jun 13, 2017

Migration Test Script for LTM

Hello community! I have done quite a few F5 to F5 migrations now. But I have always wondered about utilizing some script to test the applications functionality after a cutover beyond just looking at if the VIP's, pools, nodes are marked as available and running one off curls or tcpdump/ssldumps.


Let's start with just LTM. (Although having something similar for GTM would be nice). I was thinking of a bash script or something similar that would:


1) Run curls to all VIP's and the respective ports
2) Collect the relevant results for only important data so it's not so busy (perhaps HTTP response code and 2-3 lines of the body message)
3) Take file of output manually from both F5's (old and new) and compare content in diff editor (notepad++ or beyond compare, etc)

A lot of these migrations I have done, all the IP addresses stay the same (VIP's & pool members). It would be nice if the script were able to just match the VIP name in the results as most migrations keep the name the same if the IP addresses do move.


Any suggestions?




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    Normally you'd do this with one of the availability tools.


    A while ago I was working where the ops used SiteScope to monitor their applications. If we made changes on the BigIP's, the dashboard would be checked before. if it was all green before the change it had to be all-green again afterwards... It was clever enough to test portions of the site, so it could tell you if it was completely down, or just specific bits.


    I think HP own sitescope now. I kind of liked it because it ran locally, not a cloud solution. IIRC it was licensed on the number of queries you had configured, and was flexible enough to do pretty much anything.


    There are others out there too. Many of them cloud based though.