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Feb 28, 2024

NIC on Server points Default Gateway to Big-IP's Self IP and does not see domain.

I have a load balancing situation that requires a strange setup for me.  The Nodes that the VIP points to are Windows servers and they require a nic that has the default gateway point back to the Self IP of the Big-IP.  The issue is the Network Location Awareness is seeing the network as a public network instead of a domain network.  I am unsure of how-to setup the Bio-IP to make the server see the domain.  The link below is a PDF with the instructions for the setup.  

Direct Link to pdf.

The website the pdf is located.
High Availability using Network Load Balancers (

All servers and clients are internal and on the same domain.

All other VIPs work correctly.

The Self IP and the servers are on the same VLAN.

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