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Dec 13, 2007

nslookup timeout

My intern dns server needs to forward dns requests to the public Belgacom dns servers but they get timed out.



when executing nslookup and resolving "" 1 of 3 times it gets resolved.



So is there an option in the linkcontroller to cache some dns requests or fasten up dns requests.






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    It sounds like there's an issue on the network between you and the public DNS servers that are suppose to be resolving those public domain names, when you're performing the nslookup outside of your network.



    This isn't something that the LinkController is going to be able to solve, long term. There might be a few bits of performance gain you could achieve as far as request times, but if you're seeing regular timeouts, there's a larger issue that you should track down with either your ISP or the folks you're using for DNS resolution.