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May 22, 2012

Persistence Issue




Persistence is working with VIP1 running on code10.2.1



Persistence is not working with VIP2 configured same as VIP but on code 9.4.5



URL on VIP1 persistently sends request to same server and displays same outout untill 300 sec timeout.



URL on VIP2 instead sends requests to diferent server every mint.



Could variance in code be cuasing persistence in VIP 2 to fail?



virtual syz443


pool syzpool443




ip protocol tcp


vlan 25 enable


profiles tcpprofile


persist persist-sourceAddr-syz



URL - http:VIP1\lb\xyz.txt





thanks -geek


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  • Hi genseek,



    Do you have match across services and/or virtuals enabled on the source address persistence profile?