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Jan 11, 2024

Pool downtime query

I have four pool members which are marked down and I am interested to know when exactly this happened. I know in the Common partition I can just issue a show ltm pool members command. But these p...
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    Jan 11, 2024

    You can check the LTM logs using the following commands (this will show you when a pool member was marked up or down).


    run util bash
    cat /var/log/ltm | grep Pool | grep status
    cat /var/log/ltm.1 | grep Pool | grep status
    zcat /var/log/ltm*gz | grep Pool | grep status


     If you have a health check monitor applied to the pool, then you can also check its status.

    For example:


    show ltm monitor tcp tcp


    This will provide output similar to the following:


     LTM::Monitor /Common/tcp
       State time:   up for 40hrs:47mins:43sec
       |   Last error:   No successful responses received before deadline. @2024.01.09 22:35:07
       State time:   up for 149hrs:50mins:46sec
       |   Last error:   N/A @2024.01.05 09:32:04