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Jul 31, 2019

port forwarding iRule

I have an a virtual server that is accepting traffic on port 443 and I need the traffic forwarded to a pool on port 8081. I am offloading the SSL. Can this be done with an iRule and if so can you provide an example.

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  • Hello Jason.


    You can do it directly with basic configuration (not irule is required).


    Configure one VS listening in 443 and associate it with a pool which sends requests to port 8081.


    1. Create node MY_NODE_A
    2. Create pool MY_POOL with member MY_NODE_A on port 8081
    3. Create vs MY_VS listening <IP>:443 with pool MY_POOL.


    The VS should be created using clientssl profile and ignoring serverssl profile.


    Hope this helps. BTW, If your idea is to replicate the normal traffic to a another different pool, I recommend you to check this out.