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Jul 05, 2016

Problem FTPS passive

Hello Everyone,


For one of our customer, we have to deploy a FTPS server behind the F5. Here is my configuration of the VS :


And here is my problem, The FTP behind the F5 is working great, I can connect to it and transfer a file with success. But where I have a problem is when the server has TLS turned on. First I tried to manage the certificate with the F5 (TLS is off on FTP server) so I created a SSL client profiles but it's not working :



And when TLS is turned on onto the server but the certificate is not managed by the F5 here is the error message i have:



I connect with a real account.


1/Do you think it's a F5 conf problem of a FTP/Certificate problem : Someone already had this kind of problem and how did he manage to resolve it? 2/Do I need to create a irules to limit the range of port to connect?


Thanks in advance.


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