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Jun 16, 2022

Pulse Connect Secure behind ASM

Need help as we are planning to have Pulse Connect Secure behind F5 ASM. As the Pulse Secure Connect requires tcp/443 and udp/4500, will that works with ASM? 


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  • Totally off-topic, but I've been going through all the posts on the site, and love seeing how active JoshBecigneul  and boneyard  have been/are being. You guys make a huge positive difference in the community, and I'm sorry I don't feature you in every week's Highlights article (since I want to give other community members a chance to shine there as well). 

    All that to say, thanks for doing what you do and being so helpful.

  • in principle it should work, just remind that you should only enable ASM on the TCP/443 (HTTP) traffic. the UDP/4500 traffic just hits a virtual server and is forward to the pool without ASM inspection as that can't be inspected.