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    Navigate to Wireless > Configure > Access control and select the desired SSID from the dropdown menu.
    Under RADIUS accounting, select RADIUS accounting is enabled.



  • I could be wrong but go to your radius config settings.

    And click the drop down from basic to advanced, I think there is a catch all there to say which level to go to.

    Also check your not on Auth only I can't remember if that's the same drop down.

    But that will only give you a yes/no not a access level back under the request.

    Message me back and I can send you scene shots of what to look for if needed.

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      Hi i am not sure if i found what you saying (see image) but if yes how can i make it work?

      • Hi,

        Yes, that's part of it. - that sets how the radius part is handled.
        But annoyingly what is the config under the drop down as well?
        So External User > Role,

        So in auth only, a good radius responce will log the user in at the level of External User > Role is set to.
        Also do you have "Failback to local set" and are the users in radius and locally as well with the same user name???? This might be over riding things.