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May 24, 2012

Resource provisioning - where to start?

We cant start configuring the Big-ip 1600 untill the resources have been provisioned. However, I dont know where to start. Its pretty shocking that we have to fragment the tiny RAM (3GB and CPU) for each module. Its like each module is a VM, when they should just be features or plugins on one OS. Is there a guide to how much we should allocate to each module? Can the resources be changed after, or are they fixed?



We puraches the unit for LTM and ASM.



However, the list contains the following:



Global Traffic (GTM) __


Link Controller (LC) __


Protocol Security (PSM) __


WebAccelerator (WAM) __


WAN Optimization (WOM) __ Limited mode available without a license


Access Policy (APM



ASM is missing completely.



LTM is already configured as nominal (whatever that means).



Im chasing the supplier to see what happened to ASM, but in the mean time should we wait?


Can it be added later, even though its not in the list?



Should we use the "limited" free WOM and APM? What do people recommend?



None of this information is in the "Big-IP Systems Getting Started Guide", unfortunately.


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  • @bob



    What software version are you on 10 or 11?



  • There seems to be no way to find out what version it is till we get past the provisioning/setup.



    I cant find anywhere in the documenation where it says if you can change provisioning once you finish setup, so we dont dare go further.



    We raised a support request asking where the ASM module could be, and have been waiting 3 days (only response was "thats odd - run the pkview or similar but we cant do that as we cant get past the setup).
  • Yes, you can reprovision modules at anytime--though it should be done during a maintenance window. You can get the version and run qkview from the CLI as well using 'tmsh show sys ver' and qkview.



    ASM should show up in the provisioning list if you have it licensed. You can check with Support on this.