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Dec 02, 2011

route to a vlan ???

Can some one explain this to me ?



Checking a customer configuration i found this on the bigip.conf file.



route {


vlan grp1





Where "grp1" consist of a vlan tag with 3 interfaces 1.2,1.3,1.4



It makes me wonder:



- when the big-ip goes to the packet will be sent to what interface ?


- and to what destination ? i mean, there is no "next hop"



Thanks guys.


2 Replies

  • With a VLAN as the destination of a route, LTM will do an ARP broadcast for on the VLAN. The selection of which interface depends on the trunk protocol. Regardless of which interface is selected, the LTM behavior is the same though.



    This isn't a very typical use for a route. Generally, you'd specify a gateway router address or a gateway pool of router addresses.



  • additionally, i have come across this known issue.



    sol11659: The BIG-IP system sends ARP requests containing a loopback address when a VLAN route is defined on the system