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Nov 11, 2022

saml attribute - multiple value separate per string

I have the following need in the "Saml attribute" settings of the SAML IDP server, I need a variable to assign in the apm, filtering all groups that contain the XYZ text, and each value being delivered as a separate string follows below as needed, and how the f5 delivers.

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  • Hi ruancarloss,

    you would use a Variable Assign in the Visiual Policy Editor and use a custom expression to filter for AD Groups with the string XYZ. 

    Here is very simple example, starting with the Access Policy.

    And here is the Variable Assign (in my example I filter for all AD Groups with the string test and store them in the custom variable session.custom.mygroups.


    set list "|";
    foreach element [split [mcget {}] "|"] {
        if { $element contains "test"} {
            append list "$element|";
    return $list;


    The IdP configuration then uses my custom variable session.custom.mygroups for the SAML attribute MyGroups.

    The resulting SAML token has the following attributes:


    Does this answer your question?


  • the loop created works and thank you.
    However I need only the CN value to be delivered.
    enjoying your scenery, the script delivers:
    * CN=testgruppe1,OU=grou.....
    * CN=testgruppe2,OU=grou.....

    would have to customize for the output to be:
    * testgroupp1
    * testgrouppe2

    Thank you for your help