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Feb 16, 2017

Sharing same VLAN between vCMP guest



This question is regarding to sharing same VLAN between vCMP guest for F5 viprion platform.


lets say, I have a VLAN 10 which is tagged to interface 1.1 at vCMP host level and propagated to Guest A in common partition.


-For the guest B can I use same VLAN?


-What would be the recommend way to share VLANs between guests?


-Can we tag VLAN 10 to 1.2 interface at vCMP host level and share it with Guest B?


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  • Yes, the VLAN can be shared between several guests. Be careful though not to use the same MAC (masquerading) or IP (including SNAT IPs) on your guests unless they form a device-group with floating IPs.


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      Sorry to add this to an old thread, if using a vLAN between two guests does the traffic remain on the chassis or does it need an external switch/bridge to connect the guests?