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Apr 04, 2011

SOAP-error ssl_server_cert_untrusted_issuer




i use the perl-examples from the iControl-SDK (i.e.



I switch the debug-information in the perl-script on.


When i connect with soap to the BIG-IP, then i get a response with the message:



503 Service Unavailable



and in the returned HTML-Code i have



Untrusted SSL Server Certificate (ssl_server_cert_untrusted_issuer)



Whats wrong?



bye Andreas


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  • By default LTM's do use self-signed certificates but that is a client-side issue that SOAP::Lite should ignore. A 503 error indicates that it's a server error you are receiving. Which version of the SDK are you using and what is the version of your BIG-IP? Also, what command line arguments are you using on that script? This info will help me determine what's going wrong.





  • Hi,

    the SDK-Version is numbered "iControl SDK 10.0.0"

    my BIG-IP Version 10.2.1 build 297.0

    And here my codeblock ...

    use SOAP::Lite + trace => qw(method debug);
    use SOAP::Lite;
    use MIME::Base64;
    BEGIN { push (@INC, ".."); }
     use iControlTypeCast;
    my $sProtocol = "https";
    my $sHost = 'myip';   changed
    my $sPort = 443;
    my $sUID = 'myuser';  changed
    print('Password: '); 
    my $sPWD = 'secret';  changed
     Transport Information
    sub SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client::get_basic_credentials
     return "$sUID" => "$sPWD";
    $soap = SOAP::Lite
     -> uri('urn:iControl:System/SystemInfo')
     -> proxy( "$sProtocol://$sHost:$sPort/iControl/iControlPortal.cgi",
                  proxy => ["https" => 'http://proxy.domain.dom:8080/'] );
    eval { $soap->transport->http_request->header
     'Authorization' => 'Basic ' . MIME::Base64::encode("$sUID:$sPWD", '')
    ); };
     sub getSystemId
    sub getSystemId()
     $soapResponse = $soap->get_system_id();
     if ( $soapResponse->fault )
      print $soapResponse->faultcode, " ", $soapResponse->faultstring, "\n";
      my $SystemId = $soapResponse->result;
      print "System Id: '", $SystemId, "'\n";

    bye Andreas
  • Hello,



    it was a problem with a proxy-server.


    When i use a direct connection over https to the server, it works fine.



    bye Andreas


  • Hmmm, never tested SOAP::lite's proxy server support. Let us know if you get it working and, if so, what you did.





  • Did you ever get this working through a proxy? I have the same issue at the moment. If I point my browser at it via this proxy, I can connect after the usual cert warnings, but if I connect using SOAP::Lite through the same proxy, I get cert errors - that I don't get when connecting directly to other LTMs with self signed certs.