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Oct 27, 2010

SQL 2008 Reporting Services

Hey all!





I'm trying to setup what I thought would be a typical http load balancing pool with two pool members. We recently upgraded our SQL reporting services from 2005 (uses IIS) to 2008 (doesn't use IIS). The reporting site uses port 80 like any other M$ site with Windows Authentication.





Created 2 nodes (node_reports11, node_reports12)


Created a pool (pool_reports_http)


Added the 2 nodes as pool members; :80


Created virtual server (using SNAT auto map, TCP profile); :80 with port translation for good measure.


No monitor at this time...



Test url directly to server (happily named reports11)




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  • Hi Steffen,



    Your post got a bit munged. You can use [ code ] [/ code ] blocks to preserve the content (without the spaces).



    What happened when you made a browser request to the virtual server?



    When you test with curl, you can specify the --ntlm flag to enable NTLM authentication. See 'man curl' for details.



    Are you able to ping from the LTM command line to the pool members? Can you open a TCP connection with netcat (nc 80) to the servers from LTM?



  • Aaron,



    Sorry for the extremely late response... I was looking out for a post update notification in my email, but I don't recall ever seeing anything. Well, I popped on today to post another question and saw that you had replied. Once again, sorry to leave you hanging like that; it was totally unintentional.





  • Hi Steffen,



    Another post has a question on monitoring SSRS. Did you figure something out for this? If so, can you post your solution here or in this post?





    Thanks, Aaron