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May 20, 2021

Stuck at logon in progress on Linux client

Dear Community,

I try to connect to our company VPN and for some reason that I can't figure out the client (f5fpc) can't go over the "Connection Status: logon in progress" step. I am running POP_OS 20.10 based on Ubuntu 20.10.


Anyone has any advice for me?


Thank you in advance for your help


ndalpe@ndalpe:~$ f5fpc --v

BIG-IP Edge Command Line Client version 7133.2020.527.1

F5 Networks Inc, (c) 2004-2015



My connection command:

f5fpc --start --nocheck --host --user

I can ping without problem



I enter my password and it gets stuck there:

ndalpe@ndalpe:~$ f5fpc --info

Connection Status: logon in progress




Logs here:

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