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Dec 16, 2010

Telnet redirection??

Guys I have a VIP operating on all services. We use it for TCP 21 and TCP 23 *




It has a pool assigned to it with 2 nodes:




If BOTH of these pool nodes go down, can I write an irule to redirect a telnet request to another node notifying the client that the system is unavailable?




Sorry if this is too noobish..


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  • Stefan thanks!!



    Duh! I should have known this.



    Thanks for answering a stupid question.



    I will try this...



    Thanks again



    Steve :0)
  • You could potentially send a TCP response with some text that tells the client that no servers are available:


    Here's an untested example. If you try it, could you post back with your results?

        Check if the default pool has no active members
       if {[active_members [LB::server pool]] == 0 }{
           Send a TCP response
          TCP::respond "Servers are all down.  Try later"

    Thanks, Aaron