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Jun 17, 2015

telnet to server from F5

I have a F5 big-ip 4200 on code version 11.4 and I cannot seem to telnet to anything over a specific port. I am using route domains so I was following this article:


This does not appear to be working though as I am still not able to telnet to anything that I know should be working. This is the error I get:


run util telnet 2620:0000:0C10:F501:0000:AD00: 453 Trying 2620:0:c10:f501:0:fe4d:ac1c:8da8... telnet: connect to address 2620:0:c10:f501:0:fe4d:ac1c:8da8: Network is unreachable


I am able to telnet to on port 453 from my desktop. IPv6 is I missing something?


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