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Jan 26, 2016

tmsh script and pool members



Probably easy one but not for me 😞


I am looking for simplest and fastest way to verify settings of pool member in given pool/s - for example description. Right now I have such code that is working but maybe there is simpler way?


set pool_names [lrange $tmsh::argv 1 end]

foreach pn1 $pool_names {
    foreach obj1 [tmsh::get_config /ltm pool $pn1] {

        puts $obj1
        tmsh::modify /ltm pool $pn1 description "Orange"
        tmsh::log "Description is [tmsh::get_field_value $obj1 description]"

        foreach member1 [tmsh::get_field_value $obj1 members] {

            puts $member1
            puts "Pool member desc: \"[tmsh::get_field_value $member1 description ]\""


puts are just for testing of course. So last puts returns description for each pool member in a pool.


What puzzles me as well is why after using tmsh::modify /ltm pool $pn1 description "Orange" tmsh::log reports previous value. After script is finished value is set to "Orange" but inside script even after modify old value is reported.


I assume as well that there is no need for tmsh save sys config to permanently save changes?




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  • modify in tmsh modifies only the running config, you do need to save your changes to impact the startup config.


  • Hi Jason,


    Nice to hear from you. I am a bit surprised that config save is necessary - o\in all examples I checked no config save is present or mentioned (like in your example Build GTM Configuration).


    So last line in the script should be:


    tmsh::save sys config


    What about value modification not reported in script but reflected in config after script is finished - is that normal?


    I am pretty sure that for below sequence (when pool description was initially "Red")


    puts [tmsh::get_field_value $obj1 description] tmsh::modify /ltm pool $pn1 description "Orange" puts [tmsh::get_field_value $obj1 description]


    script output was Red Red


    but then when I checked description it was set to Orange.