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Jun 22, 2017

Upgrade/Downgrade BIG-IP VE (lab license)

I'm finding differing information on upgrading/downgrading BIG-IP VE and would like to confirm the process.


I have a lab license and would like to be able to switch between versions (11.2, 12.x - 13) to be able to lab new configurations as well as legacy configs and exercises around certification. Before doing so I wanted to be sure that this could be done simply performing normal upgrade/downgrade procedures (install new version on partition and boot into it). I understand that re-configuration may be required when switching between versions and that will not be a problem.


This link references v13 and notes that the VM does not need to be re-installed, just perform a normal update (download image, install image, boot into new partition)


This link for Hyper-V and v12 indicates that when upgrading to v12.1 the VM should be re-installed and Support contacted to transfer the license.


This link also for Hyper-V and for older versions (10.2 - 11.1) lists a more involved process. It may not be applicable due to being for an older version.


The answer may simply be use the normal upgrade process. However given that some references appear to indicate that the VM should be re-installed when moving between certain versions, I'd like to be sure that I do this 'properly' to ensure the final system is stable and accounts for any changes between versions (maybe larger disks were provisioned or something...). My environment is VMWare ESXi, in case the above refs were strictly related to HyperV environments.


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  • You should be able to move between version 12 and version 13 without issues. If you wish to drop down to version 11, I would suggest you install version 13 and downgrade to version 11. This should work, but will not copy your configuration. You will need to manually reconfigure your unit after downgrading.


    I cannot guarantee that early versions of 11 or versions of 10 will work on the newer VE.


    Note that you will likely be unable to install an earlier version of 11 and upgrade as the size of the distro can become a problem. Also, if memory serves we changed some of the default hardware settings between early 11 and later 11.


    You should not need to move the license as long as you don't deploy a new OVA.


    Version 10 was massively different than version 11 (especially where HA was concerned) and instructions for upgrading from version 10 to version 11 are not in any way applicable to the 11-12-13 upgrade paths.