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Jun 27, 2012





Don't ask, I know it's all old !



I'm going to take the LTM1500 stand-alone unit firstly to 9.3.1 (from 9.1.2) and then onto 10.2.3 or 4, one of them anyway.



So, I will probably do it on via a windows host. Now, the management port of the unit is apparently hosed, in that whatever i plug into it I'm not even getting a link light. So I have configured 1.3 as my management interface, well, at least with my management IP and added routes etc.



Does the upgrade really need the dedicated management interface or any interface and does anyone have a link to an upgrade guide, I know it is very old, but she has been a marvellous old girl and Im not getting rid of her yet.








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  • i think you had better use console or mgmt interface (sccp) when doing upgrade since you won't be disconnected while rebooting.



    for 10.2.x, please make sure unit has 1gb ram.



    sol3454: Overview of the SCCP

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    Until you have to do a full box reboot of course (which is usually part of major upgrades). That reboots the sccp as well.