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Mar 17, 2015

vCMP image upgrade



I have been tasked to updgrade the all our cVMP hosts with a new image and hotfix. I have been uploading the images to the main host by scp (-> /shared/images). This way the file gets transferred quick and easy compared to the GUI.


Is there a way to do this with the vCMP hosts as well, insted of using the GUI?


Regards, Victor


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  • Hi Victor,


    you can use the same means (SCP to /shared/images/ ) for any vCMP instance, host or guest. You can even transfer the images between them (log in to the "main host" and scp to the others), provided you have SSH access between the management interfaces. Starting with TMOS 11.6.0, there is also a synchronization of images and hotfixes between vCMP hosts and guests, meaning that the vCMP host will "propagate" its set of images and hotfixes to its vCMP guests. Hence, it would be sufficient to copy the image/hotfix to the host only. Hope this helps.


    best regards, Martin