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Nov 04, 2020

Version Plus, Upgrades and Support Contract?



I'm trying to figure out the Version Plus licensing scheme, but I'm getting mixed information from F5 partners.

Say I buy now a -V18 Version Plus P/N, but also assign a support contract to it.

When version 19 is releases, will I be able to upgrade if I have active contract, or do I need to re-buy everything?




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  • What you seem to say is also what I think. That I can't go above VXX without rebuying everything.

    But what I get from the reseller is that the F5 guys are saying that I can keep upgrading to the latest versions, even after VXX, if I keep support current.


    So, what is not clear from the link is what happens with active support.

  • doesnt this explain it:


    to me that says perpetual usage but not unlimited upgrade.

  • Hi Samir.

    Maybe someone with Version Plus can give me an answer.

    What I get from my "partner" is that F5 is telling them Version Plus with maintenance can be upgraded for all versions beyond the VXX on the P/N.


    But I'm not convinced.

  • Please discuss with F5 sells team, They will guide you per requirements.


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