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Oct 12, 2023

Wildcard virtual server F5 on AWS

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to configure a Wildcard forwarding virtual server on AWS (  in order to communicate a bunch of clients with different destinations.

For example, i need clients with the next ip addresses and being able to communicate with some services with different IP's and ports (,,

Its a 2-NIC deployment (1 NIC for management and 1 NIC for Traffic).

In the traffic NIC i only have configured the self IP (No secondary IP addresses assigned on this AWS interface)

I already disabled source/destination check on the F5 instance.

After some tests i cant see any data from clients reaching the big ip.

Do i need to assign a secondary IP address in the traffic NIC so the big ip can use this IP to capture the traffic ?

Is there something else i'm missing in my configuration?

Every suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance guys!

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  • Hi VictorRuiz , 

    So you're working in one-arm deployment. 

    you need to assign at least 1 Vlan ( untagged ) and assign it within selfip address , you can also check the auto last hop feature. 

    if this hasn't solce your issue , please tell me more about your network design. 

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      Thanks for the response Mohamed,

      The vlan configuration is already configured as you recommend.

      I will try the Auto Next Hop feature when i can.


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      Hello Mohamed

      Thanks again for your answer in this post

      At the end of the day, we were not able no establish communication cause some AWS configurations out of our hands.