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Oct 16, 2013

Wildcard Virtuals & Partitions

I'm setting up a new LTM/AFM pair and want to use partitions to separate the AFM virtuals from the LTM virtuals. I am having a hard time understanding how to process outbound traffic to the internet (unknown destinations).

Normally I would just set up a wildcard forwarding VS and enable it on the specific VLANs I want to have outside access. Since the VLANs are in partitions, I have to create one for each. However I receive an error when attempting to create two VSs even when they are enabled on different VLANs.

01070726:3: virtual server /SharedLB/FwdVS-Wildcard in partition SharedLB cannot reference virtual address /SharedFW/ in partition SharedFW

Is this expected behavior? If so, what are my options?

The problem is I have separate VLANs for the normal VS addresses and I do not want to enable access for them. Would creating a wildcard VS and disabling only those VLANs work instead, regardless of which partition it resides?

Would I be better off creating a FastL4 VS and using a default gateway pool (the same one that my default route uses)?

I'm sure I could get this working with multiple route domains but I'd like to avoid that complexity if at all possible.

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  • Thinking more about this, would a solution be to enable it on all VLANs but use AFM to deny traffic on self-IPs for the VLANs I do not want to have outside internet access?
  • you may want to look into route domains...



    this isnt a RTFM but more of a pointer as my route domain understanding is very basic and may not include wildcard VS's but if it does then happy days!


  • Yea I'm certain route domains would work but I want to avoid them as to not to confuse the lower level support guys. I've also heard many horror stories of route domain issues with upgrades...


  • Hi garypayton,


    I am having exactly the same issue creating wildcards for different partitions. Although we use route domains in other F5s without AFM, for the new ones I would like to avoid using Route domains for the same reasons you stated in the post.


    How did you configure your system eventually?


    Thanks, Wahezu.


  • Sorry I literally left that company a couple weeks after making that post, I am not sure how they ended up configuring it...


  • A shared object (i.e. a wildcard virtual address needs to be placed in the common partition to be referenced in different administrative partitions.


  • configuration partitions are just that, IP / routing wise you are in the same scope so you can't use the same IP / Subnet on two places.