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Jun 21, 2012

WOM Lite Application and Configuration Feedback




I have an urgent need to compress a geo replication between mongo DB's and do not have the budget to by WAN Acceleration boxes. I understand that the LTM's come out of the box with the ability to turn on and use WOM lite. I have never played with WO on the LTM's and do not have the luxury of having a lab with test LTM boxes to play with in a non-production fashion.




This is way I am turning to the community for help. I was hoping that someone on here that has successfully deployed WOM Lite could maybe provide some feedback on configuration and gotcha type situations. If possible, a sample config would be nice too.




Thanks in advance,






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  • Using WOM Lite you can provision two isessions between locations as necessary. If you have some specifics (sanitized) I might be able to help you with a configuration.
  • Jason,



    Thanks for the reply. I apologize up front for my ignorance on the topic, but I haven't been able to find much information on deploying WOM Lite. Basically, the application that I am interested in optimizing is related to mongo db replication traffic. I currently have a two pairs of LTM3900's deployed at two geo colos. The LTMs are being used for external and internal VIP scenarios in an inline application. The LTM's are actually in parallel with our existing front-end firewall. The incoming web requests hit the public facing VIPs on the LTMs and the inbound/outbound non VIP traffic is routed via the firewall. The communications between the colo is based over an internet based IPSEC tunnel that terminates at each colo firewall.



    The application that I had in mind is somewhat of a proof of concept scenario. I wanted to use WOM Lite between the LTMs in the colo to see what impact the WAN optimization would have between a few mongo servers in both colos. Trying to reduce the time it takes to complete the replication as well as the demand on bandwidth.



    Any suggestions that you can make would be greatly appreciated.





  • WOM Lite is WOM, just with less endpoint support. Configuration information with quickstart is well-covered here: