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This is a script which will generate a report of the BIG-IP LTM configuration on all your load balancers making it easy to find information and get a comprehensive overview of virtual servers and pools connected to them.

This information is used to relay information to NOC and developers to give them insight in where things are located and to be able to plan patching and deploys. I also use it myself as a quick way get information or gather data used as a foundation for RFC's, ie get a list of all external virtual servers without compression profiles.

The script has been running on 13 pairs of load balancers, indexing over 1200 virtual servers for several years now and the report is widely used across the company and by many companies and governments across the world.

It's easy to setup and use and only requires auditor (read-only) permissions on your devices.


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The main report:

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BigipReport REST

This is the only branch we're updating since middle of 2020 and it supports 12.x and upwards (maybe even 11.6).

Updated Jun 18, 2024
Version 10.0

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