Big-IQ bulk licensing of Big-IP using REST API

Problem this snippet solves:

Attached is a link to github which provides the user with an comprehensive example of how to license many BIGIP devices via BIGIQ CM REST API into an existing license pool.

Script is a standalone script installed directly in the BIGIQ shell.

Suggested recommendations: 1. Create a /shared/scripts/. directory 2. scp file to BIGIQ, 3. Usage below.

This automation will invoke a task to license many BIGIP's as defined in a bulk_license.csv file. This happens sequentially and is very useful when administrator's goal is to license many BIGIP devices in a programmatic manner.

** tested with perl distribution present on bigiq v5.8.8

How to use this snippet:

Usage: ./bulkDiscovery -c bulk_discovery.csv

    Program:  Version: v2.00.00
    ##### License multiple BIG-IP devices.
    -r      Root credentials for every BIG-IP (such as root:default) - overrides root creds in CSV
    -a      Admin credentials for every BIG-IP (such as admin:admin) - overrides any creds in CSV
    -v      Verbose screen output
    -s      Discover ASM
    -l      Discover LTM
    -p      Discover APM
    -c      Path to CSV file with all BIG-IP devices - REQUIRED
    -u      Update framework if needed
    -h      Help
    -k      Keep the CSV file after this finishes (not recommended if it contains creds)
    -q      BIG-IQ admin credentials in form admin:password - REQUIRED if not using default
    -g      access group name if needed
    -f      Discover AFM

    csv format: ip, user, pw, cluster-name, framework-action, root-user, root-pw
    ip: ip address of the BigIP to discover.
    user, pw: username & password of the BigIP.  Will be overridden if -a is specified on the command     

    configuration csv example format, admin, pw, base-reg-key

Code :

Tested this on version:

Updated Jun 06, 2023
Version 2.0

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