F5 BIG-IP iRule based TCL DNS server

This irule is modified version of https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/page/Tcl+DNS+server

Short Description

This code is for the purpose if there is a need to return a custom DNS reply not from the main DNS server but from the F5 Virtual Server.

Problem solved by this Code Snippet

The code is meant for small lab or dev environments as F5 has F5 DNS/GTM for replying to DNS requests with Intelligent Load Balancing, DNS Express Memory cache etc.

How to use this Code Snippet

  • Modify the irule code to configure the custom domain you want replies from the irule code and not the real DNS server.
  • Add the irule to a DNS UDP LB

Code Snippet Meta Information

  1. Version: 17.1
  2. Coding Language: TCL


You can find the code and further documentation in my GitHub repository:

irule_dns/irule1 at main · Nikoolayy1/irule_dns (github.com)

Published May 01, 2024
Version 1.0

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