F5 case creation tweaks

Problem this snippet solves:

Makes creating cases in the F5 portal a bit less of an head ache. This script uses Tampermonkey and BigIP-report as a data source to tailor make the case creation process according to your environment.


Only show the modules you actually have activated:

Only show the installed versions

You can still see all of them if you need to

Select your loadbalancers from a dynamically populated drop-down menu

Other smaller things

  • Configure default case severity
  • Configure default choice for "Was this working before?"
  • Configure default chose for "Is the problem related to a virtual server?"
  • Configure a default peferred method of contact
  • Configure a default time zone

How to use this snippet:

Instructions on how to use is available here


Code :

Published Feb 11, 2018
Version 1.0

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  • Thanks Jason!


    New version. Added feature: Now the script can handle if BigIPReport has failed to index individual devices.


  • You might be able to if you have a copy of the json file generated by BigIPReport. If you don't I might be able to make an update that supports a simple js object.




  • Hi Patrick,


    I'm having trouble getting this to work. I copied and pasted Casecreation.js file into Tampermonkey and I can see it saved. When I do look at the script, this red X shows up for line 293.


    for(var n in deviceNames)


    The error says that 'n' is already defined. Could that be causing my issue?


  • Yes, I configured it. My bigipReprtURL is there. What should the value be for @connect? I have linuxworker.j.local. Should that be something else?


  • Yeah, you should have the same DNS as your bigipreport. Instructions updated again, sorry for being unclear and thanks for feedback.




  • Thanks Patrick. I'll have to play around with it a little bit in a DEV area. We have an APM policy in front of the report so the authentication piece might be an issue.