iRule based RADIUS Server Stack

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The iRule based RADIUS Server Stack can be used to turn a UDP-based Virtual Server into a flexible and fully featured RADIUS Server, including regular REQUEST/RESPONSE as well as CHALLENGE/RESPONSE based RADIUS authentication. 

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The RADIUS Server Stack covers the RADIUS protocol core-mechanics outlined in RFC 2865 and RFC 5080 and can easily be extended to support every other RADIUS related RFC built on top of these specifications.

The RADIUS Server Stack can be used as an extension for LTMs missing RADIUS Server functionalities, as well as iRule command functionalities to support Self-Hosted RADIUS Server scenarios.

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Visit my GitHub Repository for further explanations how the RADIUS Server Stack can be used to perform RADIUS Server operations within an iRule.

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  1. Version: 1.0
  2. Coding Language: TCL

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Published Nov 21, 2022
Version 1.0

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