iRule Event Order Flowchart

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The original contributions are from HTTP Event Order -- Access Policy Manager - DevCentral (

I have updated this code example to use so that anyone can update diagram for required changes.

Attempt to diagram a logic path for iRule event processing visually. There is special emphasis with ACCESS events as their lifecycle is a bit more complicated. These events should cover the most common use cases to customize ACCESS functionality.

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This diagram can be updated via the free at

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Updated May 24, 2022
Version 2.0

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  • Walter_Kacynski nice work! Unfortunately, devcentral seems to have messed up the attachment. Do you happen to still have the original file? If so, are you willing to share it?

  • thanks tatmotiv  - I'm also looking at what happened to the attachment.

    EDIT: Unclear on order of operations - or how it got translated this way - but the attachment was opened as .xml in a .zip file.
    I renamed the .xml as .drawio and it seems to work now.
    I'll see if I can re-add the attachment. 

    EDIT 2: I tried to upload it through Walter_Kacynski account but was met with errors. #Curious.
    So in the interest of time I force-fed it through with Modmin powers. Hope that helps tatmotiv.
    Walter_Kacynski - I'd like to hear if you also tried and were unsuccessful at editing this article?

    EDIT 3: (literally 5 min later) - I *THINK* you had made some edits and submitted for review and I didn't check that queue before trying to make the edit. Explains my struggles. By hook or by crook I think we are there and I have some processes to harden. Thanks!

    EDIT 4: hoping this is the last one. Walter_Kacynski, because I wasn't paying attention, and because the attachments are not included in the version history (AFAIK) you may need to check and refresh the attached .drawio file? because what I put there is from the OLD pre-jan-2022 version and is therefore out of whack with whatever changes you may have made. Hopefully not too much re-work?

  • Yes, the attachment was corrupted, but I did try to re-submit with the extension but was denied.  So I did re-zip my current copy (which hadn't changed since publication).