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A tool that makes developing logstash pipelines much much easier.


Problem solved by this Code Snippet

Oh. The problem... Have you ever tried to write a logstash pipeline? Did you suffer hair loss and splitting migraines? So did I. 

Presenting, logstash pipeline tester which gives you a web interface where you can paste raw logs, send them to the included logstash instance and see the result directly in the interface. The included logstash instance is also configured to automatically reload once it detects a config change.

How to use this Code Snippet


  1. Don't do this, read the manual or checkout the video below
  2. Still here? Ok then! 🙂
  3. Install docker
  4. Clone the repo
  5. Run these commands in the repo root folder:sudo docker-compose build # Skip sudo if running Windows sudo docker compose up​ # Skip sudo if running WindowsGo to http://localhost:8080 on your PC/Mac
  6. Pick a pipeline and send data
  7. Edit the pipeline
  8. Send data
  9. Rince, repeat

Version info


Video on how to get started:

Please note that I accidentally started the interface on port 3000 in the video while the shipped version uses port 8080. It took me roughly 5 hours and more retakes than I can count to make this video so that mistake will be preserved for the internet to laugh at. 🙂

The manual:

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Updated Feb 06, 2023
Version 3.0

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