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New release candidate iApp template and deployment guide for Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015 (formerly Lync Server 2010/2013). For more information and complete guidance on configuring the iApp template, see the associated deployment guide:

f5.microsoft_skype_server_2015.v1.0.0rc9: posted to in 11/2017

RC-9 was posted to (as will most new versions of this template). It contained the following changes: new BIG-IP AFM IP Intelligence threat categories to support BIG-IP v13.1 and support for route domain 0 from non-Common partitions.

f5.microsoft_skype_server_2015.v1.0.0rc7: posted 09/21/2016

RC-7 provides additional SIP domain support within reverse proxy, a monitor schema change for reverse proxy to make use of the 200 OK response when querying lyncdiscover/lyncdiscoverinternal, support for the director service standalone use case(separate LTM from Front End service), added support to ask for the IP phone update url to allow connections through reverse proxy and added a port 80 Virtual Server in addition to the existing 443 Virtual Server for reverse proxy.

RC 5 and 6 were never released to the public, this includes changes as a part of those RC's

f5.microsoft_skype_server_2015.v1.0.0rc4: posted 02/16/2016

RC-4 Fixes a security log profile error when deploying on versions of BIG-IP earlier than 11.4, where AFM is not available.

f5.microsoft_skype_server_2015.v1.0.0rc3: posted 01/22/2016

RC-3 attaches a supplemental ICMP monitor to the Edge internal UDP virtual server. See for more information.

f5.microsoft_skype_server_2015.v1.0.0rc2: posted 01/11/2016

RC-2 contains only a small correction to the iRule produced by the iApp template. The iApp will now always force the FQDN written to lowercase in the iRule, even if the user enters CAPITAL letters.

f5.microsoft_skype_server_2015.v1.0.0rc1: posted 07/06/2015

New iApp template for Skype for Business.

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Published Jul 06, 2015
Version 1.0

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