How much bandwidth are we using?

How to determine how much bandwidth your BIG-IP is actually using?


Future licensing has a 200Mbps licensing limitation divided across TMM's (K15831) and we need to know if the current usage is greater than this. We are running BIGIP version 12.1.2. Should we use AVR? SNMP? Bandwith Management?


According to the output on my device I am running one TMM instance with two threads (APM minimal provisioning)


From K14340 i've run the following commands...


config ps T | grep tmm | grep T 20023 ? SLl 723:28 tmm.0 -T 2 --tmid 0 --npus 2 --platform Z100 -m -s 6234 config tmsh show sys tmm-info | grep Sys::TMM Sys::TMM: 0.0 Sys::TMM: 0.1


Published Aug 30, 2022
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  • I would recommend to gather statistics over SNMP. We are using LibreNMS for this.

    But u can check in the GUI under Statistics -> Performance Reports (Connections/Throughput) or Traffic Report

    or from tmsh:

    show sys performance throughput historical or show sys performance throughput detail historical

    Viewing BIG-IP system throughput statistics (


    and whoops: Your in the wrong forum lol