Stable point of Configuration " Rescue Point "

Hello Everyone, 
Sometimes we need to save our configuration after big modifications to a stable point. 
I know that we can take a user configuraton set "UCS" to save our Configuration with the new modification , But what about defining a new object or a stable point which I can save the new configuartion to it after making sure that all services and the Device work well without issues. 

I suggest this because in busy networks such as ISPs , The governments or Banks ..etc which have several numbers of F5 appliances with multiple administarors to configure these appliances and maintain a huge number of Critical services. 
So I suggest to define a " Rescue point " and save the new configuration to after validation that all services work well after new changes in configuration files or any change to F5 appliance at all , this will enable us to rollback any new changes that impacted running services or F5 resources .... etc. 

To show my suggestion more : 
- when we need to create UCS file We issue ( #tmsh save sys ucs UCS_NAME.ucs ) so similarly we can issue new command to define a " Rescue point " Like this (#tmsh save sys Rescue ) and issue such this command 
( #tmsh load sys Rescue ) to rollback again to Rescue point which is a validated stable point for F5 system at all.

Briefly : 
Defining a stable point we can call it the " Rescue point " which contains a Good status for configuration and running services , and Returning back to it again if anyone made a change that impacted the running services. 

Also If a Compare option added to F5 to see the difference between " Rescue Configurations " and " New added Configuration " to see exactly what added to F5 Configuration made this impact. 
Also this will help to restore impacted services quickly without the need of Loading UCS files. 

This suggestion not a replacement for UCS files , it’s only a light way can help for quick services Restoration , facilitating troublshooting or to be another option for Administrators to Backup their valid changes. 

I would like to see experts thoughts about this suggestion

Published Feb 06, 2023
Version 1.0

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  • Awesome explaination so I want to add some words when any environment having a lot of F5 appliances they must use big iq as management center to manage all the configuration and all boxes