Community Highlights, Week 41, '22

More of a midweek update this week, but a quick FYI to let you know that going forward I'm adding a section at the bottom to recognize some of our more active members over the past week. I'm always looking for ways to recognize and reward the healthy behaviors that make our community such a helpful place, so if you've got other ideas please let me know in the comments. 

Since there's a lot of Cybersecurity Awareness Month content this month and we don't want it to get lost, here's a quick list of the past week's security content before I call out individual user posts below:

Dharminder wrote about the previous week's events in Binance Hack, Data Leak and Supply Chain Attack - F5 SIRT This Week in Security - Oct 1st to Oct 7th


MichaelatF5  gave us a two-parter:

There were two additions to the ongoing SSL Orchestrator Advanced Use Cases article series:

AubreyKingF5  was able to work with F5's Lakhwinder Singh to create the video walkthrough Learn How to Apply F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP with GKE via a Public GCP IP Address.

Dave_Potter wrote about how to Use F5 Distributed Cloud to control Primary and Secondary DNS

DevCentral's Rebecca_Moloney, who is responsible for our content, wanted to created a series to give insight to what some of our too-often unsung extended teammates do with her Helpers Behind the Scenes article series written by regular and guest authors

We've got more Scary Hack Stories! over on the DevCentral YouTube channel  


Forum post highlights:

Deena, new to F5 and DevCentral, wants to be proactive about learning about F5 Lingo, and Mohamed_Salah_  and boneyard  dropped some knowledge and advice. I'll include LiefZimmerman 's great list of learning resources on Deena's other post here, because it may come in handy to whoever reads this week's Highlights. Welcome to the community, Deena!

southern_shredd asked how to write an iRule to redirect to to 301 location , and after a little back and forth, CA_Valli was able to help out



Unanswered questions:

VFB asks about Adding a dynamic generic host to GTM 

Sanjay_Palande wants to know about All attack signatures vs server/application specific ASM attack signatures 

spetrof5  has an issue with Maintenance page with an image using iRule and iFile, image never gets displayed 


Notable solutions:

Michaelyang asked When Active/Standby failover send mail, and Nikoolayy1  jumped in with the answer


Notable users (excluding F5 employees):

Most kudoed authors:

Gave the most kudos:

Top kudoed post:

CA_Valli's Accepted Solution to Michaelyang's question About log rorate  


Tip of the week:

Remember to mark Accepted Solutions if someone helps solve your issue - not just so they get kudos, but so that future users can easily find the same answer you needed!

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