Community Highlights, Week 48 '23


I've got a preview of some AppWorld breakout content for DevCentral users! Have you registered yet? 

Next-gen application services with BIG-IP Next - modernized and optimized for the future

Don't miss this introduction to our next-gen software BIG-IP Next. Highlighting how F5 is evolving from BIG-IP TMOS, how we are modernizing and optimizing with BIG-IP Next, dive into the core value this transformation will deliver for you, and introduce you to the BIG-IP Next Central Manager and its relationship with BIG-IP Next instances.

Untangling APIs: the opportunities and threats of APIs and modern App architectures 

Engage in a discussion on evolving API security challenges with Corey Ball, author of Hacking APIs, and Dan Barahona, founder of APIsec University, alongside F5 experts. Stay informed on the latest research, best practices for securing API endpoints, and identify gaps in current approaches. Take away insights on viewing APIs as cyber targets and understanding the associated risks for organizations and consumers. Benefit from best practices and key considerations for safeguarding modern apps and APIs against attacks and vulnerabilities. 

BIG-IP Next WAF is here! 

Explore the power and advantages of F5's lightweight next-gen WAF. Uncover simplified management, enhanced security, and improved consistency across applications. Gain valuable insights, guidance, and best practices for a successful transition to BIG-IP Next WAF, discovering the multitude of benefits along the way. The live demo will guide you on defending applications against various threats, boosting app development and security efficiencies, and optimizing your WAF with speed and simplicity. 

Centralized Management is a win for dev and platform teams 

 Unlock even greater value in automation with Centralized Management. Join our expert panel as they compare and contrast Automation and Centralized Management, exploring the essential need for both in the realms of DevOps, Developers, and NetOps. Take away insights on complementarity and practical guidance on adopting Centralized Management. Don't miss the demo showcasing NGINX and Centralized Management solutions, empowering you with valuable knowledge for enhanced efficiency. 


Tips of the week:

DevCentral is going to be giving away regular prizes to celebrate the end of the year and the start of the next one. Stay tuned for an announcement about how to win vouchers tfor an F5 Certification Exam and to get swag from the F5 Store!


Some content you may have missed:


  • Jason Rahm is launching a 6-part livestream series on AS3, which is a critical component of BIG-IP Next. You'll want to get details by clicking on his article Embracing AS3: Foundations 



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Published Dec 04, 2023
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