DevCentral's Featured Member for February - Byungkuk Kim

Our Featured Member series is a way for us to show appreciation and highlight active contributors in our community. Communities thrive on interaction and our Featured Series gives you some insight on some of our most engaged folks. DevCentral Member and 2022 MVP Byungkuk Kim is our Featured Member for February! English is his second language so, let's catch up with Byungkuk Kim

DevCentral: First, please explain to the DC community a little about yourself, what you do and why it is important.

Byungkuk: This site is so helpful for me. When I started as an F5 network engineer, I always found correct information on here. So, now I want to be give help who need help for things related to F5 devices.

DevCentral: You’ve continued to be an active contributor in the DevCentral community.  What keeps you involved?

Byungkuk: I found things that I didn't know about problems when I visited DC site. So, I tested that and it works well! This is reason why I continue to visit the DC site.

DevCentral: Tell us a little about the technical expertise you have.

Byungkuk: I deal with BIG-IP LTM, GTM, SSL Fssl/Rssl. It's awkward to say I'm an expert, but I've created some iRules to solve problems or change the network environment to get the best network performance. I always try to my best!

DevCentral: You are a Network Engineer at Secuwave. Can you describe your typical workday, how you manage work/life balance and the strong support of F5 solutions? How has the recent pandemic impacted your work?

Byungkuk: When I started this company. I got a book called "Why I Work?" from my boss. This book made me work hard and realize why I work. I think my life changed when I focused on worked hard.

DevCentral: Do you have any F5 Certifications? If so, why are these important to you and how have they helped with your career?

Byungkuk: I have 6 certifications relate to Networking, two of them are F5 Certifications. I'm trying to get to 301 certification. F5 certifications have taught me how to make progress on F5 technical open cases and teaches me how F5 devices handle traffic. And one of my certifications is related to AWS - my company is preparing for the recently updated network environment.

DevCentral: Describe one of your biggest Customer challenges and how the community helped in that situation. (Does not necessarily have to be devcentral)

Byungkuk: The DevCentral Community was helpful for me when I got stuck making an iRule for a tiny branch point. First, I searched areas related to my problem and then I collected an iRule to make new things!

I posted my updated iRule with an explaination about my environment. I really want to thank the DC community members for helping solving my problem!

DevCentral: Lastly, if you weren’t doing what you’re doing – what would be your dream career? Or better, when you were a kid – what did you want to be when you grew up?

Byungkuk: When I was young, I thought I would be farmer because I grew up in the country. But as I grew older, my dream changed to become an Engineer when I was attending high school. Now I want to be the best member of my company and the F5 Community!

---Thanks Byungkuk! We really appreciate your willingness to share with the DevCentral Community. Stay connected with Byungkuk and Controlware on social media:

Updated Feb 01, 2022
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