it-sa Expo & Congress in Germany - DevCentral Visits

buulam is heading to it-sa Expo & Congress 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany! Make sure to subscribe to the DevCentral Youtube channel, and follow DevCentral and Buu Lam to get the latest updates from across the pond. And we'll be sure to update this post, too. 

DevCentral Visits it-sa Expo and Congress

Buu Lam says hallo from Nuremberg as he heads to it-sa Expo and Congress, one of the biggest security conferences in Europe. F5 can be found at the Weston, Computacentre, and Magellan booths. Stay tuned for more from it-sa, including Markus Hennig's talk, a live hacking demo, and more.


Secure Multi-Cloud Networking with Markus Hennig

Markus Hennig, F5 Distributed Cloud Services Specialist, talks secure multi-cloud networking at it-sa Expo and Congress 2023. IT security needs are global at a high level--everyone needs automation and flexible deployment options. Markus shares additional regional insights on local security adoption and prioritization.


WebAssembly Support added to F5 NGINX Unit

Timo Stark, Principal Technical Product Manager at F5 NGINX (and Docker Captain) talks about the new WebAssembly support added to NGINX Unit.


Using F5 for SSLO with the German Pension Fund

Alexander Müehleck and Oliver Tönnies from the German Pension Fund Network Infrastructure and Security Gateway team talk about their long-term experiences with F5.

Most recently, they implemented an SSLO solution across multiple sites that provides outbound security services for their 60,000 users. One big benefit: flexibility--being able to switch seamlessly back and forth between their data centers enables them to do maintenance easily.


Westcon to the rescue

Buu Lam interviews Robert Jung (Westcon Managing Director for DACH and Eastern Europe region) about how Westcon enables F5 partners to get more value out of their products via training, go-to-market strategies, financing, and more. Robert also shares insights on what he sees in the security business regionally.


Daniel Wolf on what it means to be a leader in the community

Daniel_Wolf, Security Solutions Engineer at Controlware GmbH, is well-known in the DevCentral Community! Buu Lam meets up with Daniel IRL and gets the story behind his motivations to become DevCentral MVP.


Updated Oct 19, 2023
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