KubeHuddle 2023 in Toronto, Canada - Intimate Gathering with Engaged Engineers

Last week I had the pleasure of getting out to the KubeHuddle 2023 event in Toronto.

If you haven't heard of it before, it's because KubeHuddle is just in it's second year but don't let it's newness fool you. This event was packed with an all-star line up of speakers.

KubeHuddle was originally founded by David Flanagan (@rawkode) as an alternative to the larger Kubernetes and Cloud Native focused events. It's getting us back to the roots of the early days of the Kubernetes project when small groups would "huddle" in more intimate gatherings to share knowledge and ideas.

But what's the appeal the appeal of a smaller event when the big ones are such an extravaganza? Well, if you're like me, you might find yourself overwhelmed at the larger events. Your attention is being drawn in all sorts of ways and it can be sensory overload. With a smaller event, I find that my brain has a lot more time to process the information coming at me. In addition to that, I can actually meet people and talk about their experiences and get to know them. It's easy to chat with the speakers after their talks. And you don't have to rush across a conference hall, or multiple buildings, in order to catch the next session - only to be one of the last to arrive and have to stand up in the back for the entire talk.

I made a lot of new friends in the cloud-native space which was the highlight for me. I highly recommend checking out a future KubeHuddle or in a similar vein, support local k8s Meet Up groups for an even more intimate event.

Kudos to Marino Wijay (@virtualized6ix) for pulling off this event and David Flanagan for kicking it off last year in Edinborough.

I was of course grabbing lots of video at the event so be sure to check out the playlist on YouTube but I'll also link a few down below.

Updated May 27, 2023
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