Remember your first stack?

Do you remember your first stack?

Maybe you got lucky and had a chance to build your first stack from the ground up, with ample time and resources. Your stack was flexible, efficient, and modern, with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Maybe you inherited a stack that was built when your company’s business was really different…and managing security and updates takes enough time and resources that you never quite got around to upgrading the system to meet current business needs.

Maybe your first stack showed just how many people had been involved in its development over the years, with idiosyncratic workarounds to allow integration of older and more modern tech.

As you’ve moved from role to role, you’ve probably noticed that every stack is different, featuring a unique combination of elements that reflect the current and historical needs of the business…and a unique set of app and API security and delivery needs to match.

At F5, we’ve noticed that, too - That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a set of security and delivery solutions that can work on any architecture.

That’s also why we created the Frankenstacks—these colorful stacks are meant to bring to life the unique architectures our customers have built and to represent the creative solutions those architectures include.

So, go ahead

  • Choose a new Frankenstack avatar.
    (You can even pick one that reps your real-life stack.)
  • Tell us what you remember about your first stack.
  • And remember that whatever you’ve built, we secure that.
Updated Aug 16, 2023
Version 14.0

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