That's a Wrap! DevCentral Visited: GovWare 2022

A couple months ago, I was asked to attend GovWare, in Singapore. Ignorant to events outside of North America, I was surprised to find out this was an event that attracted 10,000+ attendees from all around Asia and was in fact, Asia's largest Cyber Security conference!

Held in the famous Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, this event was bigger than I imagined and busier than I'd experienced otherwise, all year.

What made the difference here was the people. The show floor was extremely energetic with people willing to learn. The talk tracks had some of the worlds brightest talents on stage.

F5 even sent our very own Joel Moses, Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Platforms and Systems, as well as Dr. Aditya K. Sood, Senior Director of Threat Research and Security Strategy - 2 folks from our Office of the CTO who are some very bright thinkers.

I set out to determine what are some differences in Cyber Security in Asia. In fact, I asked this of nearly everyone I met. Most replied that its not that different. If anything, I just heard amplified messages from earlier this year. API security is a real concern. Enabling security for app developers is a priority so that they can focus on code. One topic that was discussed more than I'd heard before is interesting edge computing use cases. Not just standard compute, but AI/ML use cases and security use cases.

So basically, everything is the same, but different 😄

Of course, I created much content for everyone to follow along. In case you hadn't seen it all, I'll link a playlist with everything (over 20 videos) if you'd like to binge. But I'll also list some of my favorite pieces directly, as well!

🎥 DevCentral Visits: GovWare 2022 - Full Playlist 🎥


Updated Oct 27, 2022
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  • Thanks for the report from GovWare Buu and thanks for supporting the NTT team with their launch of F5 XC WAAP as part of their NTT App Shield offer.