The return of DevCentral CodeShare.

Hey DevCentral Community, a quick update on progress.

By request, (Bring Back Codeshare) I spent some recent cycles planning out and finally executing the move to restore the well-liked CodeShare section while also retaining the ability for all users to contribute more freeform content.

All users will now see a new top navigational section we are still calling CrowdSRC (crowd-source) but it now has two separate sections; Codeshare and Community Articles.

CodeShare - where all historical Codeshare content can be found. Members are encouraged to use the pre-determined codeshare template to guide sharing of some code (big or small) that you have found to be useful in your environment. No strings attached - and as always "Use at your own risk". If you see something in CodeShare that you think should be moved to the Community Articles section - ContactUs and let us know.

Community Articles - on the other hand is a net-new feature since our new tools went live in Jan 2022. In this section any registered member may write any freeform content they feel will help others understand a process, tool, or abstract concept. Some early contributions include:

In both of these cases new and edited content has been historically placed in a Waiting For Approval state while our Content Management Team reviews and publishes the content. But that step seems too restrictive for our community. Very soon, perhaps by the time you read this, I will change the rules allowing all registered members to publish CodeShare and Community Articles without delay. Thanks for your amazing contributions to DevCentral and our community.

Lastly - a short note on Events.
Events as a function were, for us, rather uneventful (nyuk nyuk) and so I'm taking them off the navigation menu and back to the drawing board for some review. Until we can come back to the table with some proper content and/or features they will stay hidden.

As always - let me know what you think either in the comments here, in a private message, on our Suggestions board. All smoke signals will be lost to the haze of the wildfire season here in western washington.

Published Sep 22, 2022
Version 1.0

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